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induction generator

induction generator

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 11 — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tokyo, has been assigned a patent (8,053,917) developed by five co-inventors for a “variable-speed power generator and method of controlling the same.” The co-inventors are Tsuyoshi Wakasa, Tokyo, Akira Yasugi, Tokyo, Takatoshi Matsushita, Tokyo, Takehiro Naka, Tokyo, and Takumi Nakashima, Tokyo.

“In serious volumes, you are not going to see tidal this side of 2020. DECC
[the Department of Energy and Climate Change] hoped to get around 160MW in
the water by 2017. I think the industry will be doing well to do that,” he

A remotely operated underwater vehicle connects it to a pre-installed steel
tripod foundation by a cable, and the pressurised nacelle is winched down
and locked in place using a clamping mechanism.

Deployment of the tripod from surface to seabed has since been whittled down
to 14 minutes, with the mating of the turbine taking 15 minutes on top of
that. Refinements are being made to the foundation to commercialise a
concept with legs that could accommodate uneven seabeds and is suitable for
serial production.

Similar at first glance to most tidal turbines now being trialled —
three-bladed, seabed-mounted and colossal — the Rolls-Royce
device, the brainchild of subsidiary Tidal
Generation Ltd (TGL), is set apart by two key design elements.

A former water mill, sited on the River Cosa at Travesio in northern Italy, has been renovated and converted into a micro-hydroelectric scheme using the Archimedes’ screw concept, saving some 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The control of the system and the interface between the generator and the power grid is a Unidrive SP AC drive from Control Techniques. 

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